How Alurida can help you?

If you are still hesitating to work with us, let me explain to you how we can help your bussiness !

  1. Did you know that Alurida has hundreds of products to offer you, to be more accurate we have 2687 references for you to choose from (and that does noy include our aluminium profiles references). As you can see from our website and  online catalogues, we are able to provide you with at least 95% of all items and tools that your business need to design, manufacture, and install windows and doors made of aluminium. What ever you want, we can sell it to you or manufacture it for you if it doesn't exist. Honestly speaking, with us by your side, you don't need anybody else...
  2. Did you know that China offers the lowest price in the world? Of course you knew that, who doesn't? Did you also know that Alurida offers high quality products at the lowest price in China? that you didn't otherwise you will not be reading this article. Now that you know it, stop reading and start buying ! So honestly speaking, with us by your side, you have high quality products at the lowest of the lowest price in the world...   
  3. Did you know that China is by far the largest producer of aluminium profile in the world?  Did you also know that China is the largest exporter of handle, hinge, locks, glass, sealant, hardeners and tools in the world?  You can profit from what China has to offer by working with us. We are a chinese manufacturer and exporter located at the heart of the aluminium industry. Honestly speaking, with us by your side, it all China by your side... 
  4. Did you know that we can arrange all your products to be send in the same container? We know that you may not be able to buy a full container of every items you need. We know that some items have small volumes.  And because we want to solve your problem, we offer you the unique opportunity to buy small quantities of different items and send them together in one container. Honestly speaking, with us by your side, forget your loading problems and let us take care of it...
  5. Did you know that you can be rich by saving on your freight cost? let's say your are from west Africa, and let's assume that the freight for a 40 feet container is USD 4500. Let's also pretend that your have imported some goods with a total volume of 56 cubic meter. I that case,congratulation, you have lost around USD 900 by paying for 12 cubic meter of emptiness. Now, because we know that the cost of transportation from China to your country is high, we will plan your shipment in such a way that your container will be fully loaded.  Honestly speaking, only fouls don't send full containers, with Alurida by your side, you will save a lot of money..
  6. Did you know that time is money? So stop wasting your money and my time, below is our general catalogue so order our products now !


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