How it all started...

In this article I will try to reveal to you how Alurida, the aluminium branch of Safrida, has become in the space of a few years a major exporter of aluminium profile and windows and doors accessories from china to Africa and the Middle East. 

All started in May 2008 when Mr. Hamdan, the owner of factury located in Guinea that makes doors and windows, contacted me to see if I could help him to import aluminium profile from China. At that time I was the purchasing manager in a small family owned company called Imrex. To be honest, I had never worked before in that field. Everything was new to me. So Mr Hamdan, who worked for more than 20 years in that field, took the time to explain to me the comcept behind aluminium doors and windows. With the little knowledge I had grasped, I decided to adventure myself in that field. After spending a few months searching for the best supplies and investing a considerable amount of money on more than 300 molds, I created Alumrex brand. I expanded the business by developing solid ties with hundreds of Chinese suppliers. I admit that none of this would have happen without the help and support of my dedicated employees from the Alumrex team. In less than one year, we were already exporting to four west african countries. We were exporting everything that is needed to design, manufacture, and install aluminium based windows and doors. Unfortunatly in mars 2010, I decided to leave Imrex due to the refusal of my brothers to officially recognizing me as their partners. In september 2010, I started my new trading company  called Safrida, which is inspired from my name  Safwan Rida. Around the same time, I launched Electrida for the electrical home appliances, Constrida for the construction industry, and Alurida for the aluminium industry. In less than a few months, Alurida was already exporting around 1000 tonnes of aluminium profiles and hundreds of  accessories, tools,and glass to a large number of clients from Algeria to South africa. 

This success story is the result of a tremendous amount of hard work from Alurida's engineering department, the purchasing department and the quality control  team. It is also the result of  our deep understanding our customers  needs, and the good communication we enjoy with them. 

Our success reflectes above all the success of our partners in their respective markets. I have choosen Alurida moto to be " Key to your success" to show my dedication to make Alurida the key to our partners business success. I like to see them as the door that can bring us to the ultimate success, Alurida is just the key that opens the door to success. 

A special thanks Alurida employees, without whom none of this wonderful adventure would have happened. Thanks guys...   


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