How to save a webpage as PDF ?

Instructions Setting up a PDF Writer

1. Download the program, CuteWriter.exe

2. Run the installation program.

3. During the installation, click next, click "I accept the agreement," click the top check box on the panel to disable it, and then click install.

4. After a few seconds, a dialog box will ask if you would like to download a free converter, which is required for CutePDF to function. Click "yes." After this download finishes, it will install and open the ReadMe file, and you are finished.

Saving a PDF Image

5. Navigate to the Web page you wish to save.

6. Click the file menu, and then select "print."

7. Select your printer as "CutePDF Writer" and click print.

8. Select where to save the image and what to name it.

9. Click the save button, and you are finished.

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